Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Presently Uploaded Albums

Albums uploaded so far:

Absu- Tara
Anael- On Wings of Mercury
The Axis of Perdition- Deleted Scenes from the Transition Hospital
Bathory- Blood Fire Death
Beherit- Drawing Down the Moon
Belenos- Spicilège
Bethlehem- Sardonischer Untergang im Zeichen irreligiöser Darbietung
Blut Aus Nord- The Work Which Transforms God
Burzum- Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
Code- Nouveau Gloaming
Countess- Heilig Vuur
Darkestrah- Sary Oy
Darkspace- Dark Space I
Darkthrone- Transilvanian Hunger
Deathspell Omega- Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice
Diabolical Masquerade- Death's Design
Drudkh- Forgotten Legends
Dub Buk-
Rus Ponad Vse!
Eikenskaden- 665.999
Emperor- In the Nightside Eclipse
Enslaved- Vikingligr Veldi
Epheles- Souviens-Toi
Fanisk- Noontide
Grand Belial's Key- Judeobeast Assassin
Graveland- In the Glare of Burning Churches
Hate Forest- Battlefields
Havohej- Dethrone the Son of God
Ildjarn- Forest Poetry
Immortal- Pure Holocaust
In the Woods...- A Return to the Isle of Man
Judas Iscariot- Distant in Solitary Nights
Leviathan- The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide
Limbonic Art- Moon in the Scorpio
Lurker of Chalice- Lurker of Chalice
Luror- The Iron Hand of Blackest Terror
Master's Hammer- Ritual
Mayhem- De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Melechesh- Sphynx
Mirrorthrone- Carriers of Dust
Mütiilation- Vampires of Black Imperial Blood
Mystic Forest- Romances
Nazgul- De Expugnatione Elfmuth
Negura Bunget- Om
Nokturnal Mortum- Goat Horns
Peste Noire- La Sanie des Siècles - Panégyrique De La Dégénerescence
Primordial- Spirit the Earth Aflame
Reverend Kriss Hades- The Wind of Orion
Root- Hell Symphony
Sacramentum- Far Away From the Sun
Samael- Worship Him
Sigh- Imaginary Sonicscape
Summoning- Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame
Taake- Over Bjoergvin Graater Himmerik
Ulver- Nattens Madrigal
Varathron- His Majesty at the Swamp
Ved Buens Ende- Written in Waters
Velvet Cacoon- Genevieve
Watain- Casus Luciferi
Weakling- Dead as Dreams
Wolves in the Throne Room- Diadem of 12 Stars
Xasthur- The Funeral of Being

The blog is an alpha order so navagate your way through to find them. :)